Project Description

I participated, alongside a few other artists, in an Interpretation | Experimental | Documentary, which was created by Jo-Mari de Klerk. As artists we had to create a piece of work in which ever medium we wanted, in response to a song clip that we had to listen to which was supplied by Jo-Mari. I incorporated my current method and exploration of moonlit photographic sensitive paper, where I submerged a speaker in water and allowed the vibrations (in turn, ripples) to be recorded by the moonlight. Representing how life’s experiences continue to flow and as they do, they become a recording in our lives. I then played with paper folds of found images on two different gsm tracing paper, which was pinned down at different heights; representing being able to move forward in life… being able to take what life has given, the moulding it has contributed, but being able to let go of the negative perspective on those experiences, and to consciously move into a greater understanding of your journey in a positive appreciation.

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