“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Ansel Adams

Growing up on a farm in Lanseria, Johannesburg, a profound love and appreciation for nature was instilled in Gabriella. Regardless of the various paths of her journey, nature; its space, beauty and everything that it holds has been a constant influence for her.

Having an artistic flare, Gabriella engages with her photography in a very explorative and playful way in which she produces what she likes to call her Creative Art Photography. Using photography as her medium of expression she has produced a large variety in her work, this is done digitally, on film, as well as in the darkroom with various methods and techniques.

Commercially, still sticking to the creative side of life, Gabriella focuses on food, interior and architectural photography. She can capture styled food in a manner that brings it to life as an object and scene, as her previous styling experience has enabled her to harness the colours, lighting and appropriate composition. Gabriella’s passion for interior design allows her to understand the aesthetics behind the space and the contribution each intricate detail makes as whole; each piece of furniture, fabric, texture, colour and accessory. Her architectural photography is simple. It lends itself to its true identity, whether it be dated or modern, the distinctive characteristics are the primary focus.